“I have a deep gratitude and love for Patricia. When I first saw her my anxiety problem was severe. I was 35 years old, I didn’t know what anxiety was, I thought I was going crazy at times, after all before this I was a completely functional adult. She was so kind and understanding, but more importantly she taught me how to view myself and the world in a wonderful positive manner.”

L. H.

“Patricia is an amazing and highly skilled counselor who passionately believes in what she does, and I recommend her to anyone. I believe her compassion and openness gets people talking, and her questions get you describing the problem and get you visualizing and describing a better future. Every time I left I had more hope, more knowledge, and more skills – and I knew I always had a friend, mentor, and advisor to come back to.”


“I am so happy I found Patricia. She has helped me immensely! I found her as I was looking for a marriage counselor. She helped my husband and I face our issues head on and I have continued with her after my eventual divorce. Patricia helped me deal with the pain of divorce and issues I have struggled with during my life. She helped me gain confidence and independence. Patricia gives me sound advice and is an excellent unbiased sounding board for me. I have not wanted to take medicine to help me feel better so instead I see Patricia and feel so much better after. Thank you Patricia!”


“When I started with Patricia, I was at a pretty low point in my life and was having a hard time believing in myself and feeling good about my life and where it was going. She played an instrumental part in helping me to believe in myself again. She provided me with ways to cope with my situation, tools to use to build my confidence, and effective ways to manage stress and all the things that are thrown at you in life. Patricia focuses on a total life balance with work, family, friends, relationships, and fun/relaxation. She has helped me get through rough times, helped me to discover myself, helped me to be a better communicator, and she has helped me in my relationships with family, friends, and my fiancé. She is also a great counselor for career planning, working to help me discover what I want to do and how to go about getting there. I have come a very long way – most of which has been due to Patricia’s significant knowledge and experience as a counselor.”

D. S.