As most people already know, an important aspect of achieving and maintaining emotional balance is treating our bodies well. Here are some facts to consider regarding the relationship between mind and body:

  • 20 minutes of any cardio activity helps to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, stress, etc. and promotes emotional well-being. Why? This type of exercise helps the brain to release the “feel good” neurochemicals that are stored in our bodies.
  • Stimulating your senses can also help to increase a more relaxed mind and body. The sense of smell and touch respond greatly to activities such as aroma baths, skin care, massages, etc. There are numerous plant, fruit, and vegetable oils and herbs in lotions, soaps, salts, and oils that are beneficial to this process.
  • Light a candle, turn on your favorite music, and sip something delicious while relaxing in your tub and allow all your senses to flow.
  • Our bodies are like cars when it comes to performance. Both must have fuel to do anything; quality fuel yields better performance; routine maintenance ensures a higher level of productivity and longevity.

Paying attention to the mind/body connection is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that we DO have control over the direction our lives are headed. We can’t control everything that happens to us but we can certainly choose how we deal with things. Take a few minutes to recall a past experience that you feel good about. What role did you play in the outcome of that experience? However you handled yourself or then situation, you did so because you felt empowered – that is an example of a positive mind/body connection.